April 24th, 2007


:: Words ::

:: Words ::

And so, last night, sis smsed. "Wat you wan get for mother's day?"

"You suggest?" I replied.

"Don't know too. Flower? Or?"

"What do you think she wants? Also, need to get you your birthday present."

"Flower I tot of ordering and send to her workplace for surprise. Maybe its a good idea."

"Buy her flowers and bring her to dinner?"

"Flower I settle. U think where wan go for dinner lor... Can? Thanks, I dream of U last night leh. Ha Ha."

"Ok we'll do it this way then."

"Hmm. Don't know what she wants. But only know she needs love. And money. Ha ha... me ah. Tot a watch or a nice big Puma bag be nice. For mum, hmmm.. just wan her to know we still care and love her... she so lonely..."

I paused to think.
And that incident came back to me.
I was fourteen then, and was standing at the dining area,
In our terrace at Wolskel Road, when she said,
"Even if you stack a ten-dollar note on top of one another until they reach
Your height, it'll not be enough to repay me."

I remain, emotionless.

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