April 21st, 2007


:: 時代 ::

:: 時代は巡る ::

そんな時代も あったねと
いつか話せる 日が来るわ
あんな時代も あったねと
きっと笑って 話せるわ
だから 今日は くよくよしないで
今日の風に 吹かれましょう

 まわるまわるよ 時代は回る
 今日は別れた 恋人たちも
 生まれ変わって めぐり逢うよ

旅を続ける 人々は
いつか故郷に 出逢う日を
たとえ今夜は 倒れても
きっと信じて ドアを出る
たとえ 今日は 果てしもなく
冷たい雨が 降っていても

 めぐるめぐるよ 時代は巡る
 別れと出逢いを くり返し
 今日は倒れた 旅人たちも
 生まれ変わって 歩きだすよ

-- "私の声が聞こえますか (1976)" by 中島みゆき --

This is a song that I first heard while I was studying in Japan.
Like Ozaki Yutaka's "I LOVE YOU", it has left an indelible impression
On me ever since. Despite several mentions of this song in my
Previous entries, I have never really 'deciphered' this song.
My humble attempts to translate the song based on my point of view:

There are such times too; such times
For us to talk, for us to laugh
So let's not drown ourselves in sorrow but
Instead, let's surrender ourselves to the winds (of change)

Revolving, revolving, the times will revolve
With happiness and sadness taking turns
And so, today's past lovers will too
Be reborn, and meet once more.

And for all the people who has embarked on their journeys
One day they'll end up meeting again, in their hometown
So believe in it and step out of your door, even if the night collapses
Even if the day bears no fruition, even in the cold falling night
(The journey must go on).

Round and round, the times will go round and round
Goodbyes and Hellos will repeat infinitely
Hence, today's fallen travelers, too
Will be reborn, and walk with stride.


What struck me about this song was its allusion
To the transience of life; that life is all but a cycle
Meant to be repeated and repeated. For eternity.
There is a sense Of willed surrender to fate, or destiny.
That every fall, that every failure, is all but a process of journeying.
Not unlike my oft-quoted journeying phrase by Eliot in the Four Quartets:

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time"

With my exposure to 'Many Lives, Many Masters',
I've come to to accept the possibility of this cycle.
Could everyone have a soulmate whom we have loved
In past incarnations and who waits to reunite with us now?
Are we all caught in this never ending cycle, to
Learn what we need to learn, before we move on?

I think, the keyword is,

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