March 3rd, 2007


:: Song of the Lonely ::

:: Alone Again, Naturally ::

In a little while from now
If I’m not feeling any less sour
I promise myself to treat myself
And visit a nearby tower
And climbing to the top will throw myself off
In an effort to make it clear to who
Ever what it’s like when you’re shattered
Left standing in the lurch at a church
Where people saying: "My God, that’s tough
She's stood him up"
No point in us remaining
We may as well go home
As I did on my own
Alone again, naturally

Alone again, and happy, naturally.
Everything happens for a reason.
Loneliness should not be equated merely with being alone.
In fact, loneliness should be like a jug of long island tea,
Difficult to imbibe initially, but serves as an effective cure for sobriety.
On a more serious note, loneliness exists to remind us all
That we are all but alone, that attachment is dangerous,
That love can persist without possession.

The trial unfurls.
Like an awakening belladonna.