January 9th, 2007


:: I've Heard It All Before ::

:: I've Heard It All Before ::

I've been working overtime.
I've been searching for album art.
Art for the 4676 songs, enough for
19.7 days of continuous listening.
I doubt I'll ever hear every one of them.
I particularly like this electro album art.
Madonna and her long lashes.
She could be jolly well be enjoying herself.

I've been listening to a string of 'sorry's lately.
Sorry for taking you for granted.
Sorry for keeping it from you.
Sorry for thinking I know who you are.

Don't be.
Feel bad for what?
Everything happens for a reason.
As long as we understand that and learn from that
Isn't that good enough?

Everyone has a choice;
Including the choice to be happy.

I've heard it all before.
I've heard it all before.
And I'll go on listening.
After a while, it sounds like the pitter patter of
The falling rain.

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    Just A Ride - JEM

:: Red Eyed ::

:: Red Eyed ::

I've been red-eyed the entire day.
Must be the lack of rest.
Bloodshot and weary they are.
I need to sleep.

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    Gwen Stefani- Wind It Up