November 17th, 2006


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:: Sons Of ::

Forward her children dear
Ever with hearts sincere
Render with joy your mater her due
All that is vile reject
Heaven with er protect
... ....

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    Jay Chou - Ji Hua Tai

Pretty clumsy this time; can be improved upon

:: Unravel + Laceration + Tranquility
Rationale + Acquittal + Very + Run + Nil ::

Leave me alone I don't want to think
No more I want to run away and die
Die die die die die die die die die
Die die die die die die die die die

And then, in the split of a second
My rationale took control, I reckoned
Carefully, I began to unravel
Layers after layers, on the level

And sliced into, then, little bite-sized chunks
The never-ending negativity of
Pain. Hurt. Dismay. Regrets. Dissected
And resolved, they stand very corrected.

Many lacerations later, I would be
Free; acquittal from self-imposed death penalty
With passing time nil matters anymore
And so, there is tranquility once, once more


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    Qian Li Zhi Wai