October 21st, 2006


:: Sliding Doors ::

:: Sliding Doors ::

Tonight, I stood for the moment, fixated in a single frame
Amidst the bright lights and pulses sat H
I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
But I went over, anyway, and sat beside H
And we spoke a little, about H, about me
I spoke to H about my plans for the end of the year
H told me about him chancing upon ITW
And the entries of brother.
Admist the bright lights and the pulses.
It was just a little sharing, at the most inopportune setting
Ironically yet so, at the most opportune moment.
For every opportunity for a connection must be treasured.
I got up to go.
I turned back and looked.
H waved me back.
"Remember the thing you promised me two years ago,"
He smiled.
It came back to me immediately
"We should do dinner soon," I promised.

And then I realized how opportunities influence
How two or more entities may possibly interconnect.
I recall my first love, whom I was supposed to meet
At a town clinic, while I was still sixteen.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we never met that day.
It was to be two years later that we met first
At Marine Vista, on july ninth nineteen ninety four.
What if we had met two years earlier?
What if we had never met at all?
How would our lives have changed?
I fathom not, but relish what fate unfolds,
In the path of my life.

And so, at three, I sit, awake.
Cognizant of the endless possibilities of potential connections
Of people that came, and of people that are to come.
Thus I sit, with arms, outstretched, ready in a warm embrace.
To welcome that stranger into my life, albeit just for a while.
I know not if there is a positive outcome,
But I do know, that if there is a distance that we can walk together,
Let us walk it with zest; let us walk it with pride,
For who knows;

We may never walk that way again.