September 23rd, 2006


:: ENTJ and His Love ::

:: ENTJ and His Love ::

For the ENTJ, love needs to fit into the overall picture and may become subservient to their larger goals.
Love is always within the context of what the relationship is.
One ENTJ stated, "I don't allow love to course freely through my body.
God forbid that it should control me rather than I control it!"
Love means a match between the ENTJ's needs and what the partner provides.
The loved one is, in a sense, an extension of the ENTJ's vision,
Preferably acting in a supportive, not competing, role.
ENTJs tend to make rigorous demands of love.
While they may fall in love easily, they maintain that love only
If the other person is willing to accept the ENTJ's directness and need for independence.

Because attractiveness is a part of our culture and an initial standard for many relationships
And because ENTJs like to do better than the standard,
They particularly take note of the attractive people.
The often wonder if they can 'win the heart' of the attractive other.
It becomes almost a game for them.

The partner of ENTJ can expect a hard-working and industrious provider
Who may use the fruits of his or her labor as an expression of love.
They may not be as verbally communicative of their loving feelings as others types.

ENTJs expect to have their needs met in relationships,
While maintaining their independence.
When the partner can no longer do that, it is logical for them to sever ties and to move on.
However, when ENTJs are scorned by others, they may feel a passionate devastation
And a strong sense of loss that is seldom shared with others.
However, this sense of loss and gloom generally lasts only a short period
Before they are ready to move on.