August 23rd, 2006


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:: Closure ::

I want to write something about closure
After a good talk with a friend.

If you were happily attached for, say, seven years,
Then, because of parental objections,
You eventually decided to play martyr and
Leave the relationship, sacrificing what
You've built up over the years for
A mother's love.
If she could love her child enough to
Come to beg you to go, should you not go?
I wonder.

Then you lost touch as you moved on with life.
Seven years later, while browsing in a library
You chanced upon your past love,
Married, and probably living happily ever after.
Passed you a namecard:
"Let's keep in touch."

You smiled and darted onto something like the weather.
Looked for your friends, hurriedly waved bye and moved on.
You looked at the card when you get home:
Would you call?

Was there closure seven years ago, or
Is this the closure?
Or maybe there was never a closure; the memories
Will linger on, in the shadows of the
Recesses of the heart?