January 27th, 2006


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:: Suffer The Intellectuals : The Parochialism of the Present ::

Interesting Article by Owen Harries, ST Page 21

But that, and more, being conceded to the power worship thesis,
It seems to me that it is worth considering another explanation for the intellectuals' error of assuming
That the trends of the moment must inevitably prevail.
In many instances it may be due less to power worship than to a form of egocentricity,
A narcissistic belief that what is happening now,
In their lifetime,
Is uniquely important and valid.
This has been aptly called "the parochialism of the present",
And it represents an utter failure of historical perspective on the part of those
Who are supposed to possess it.
As as explanation of error it is persuasive because
Vanity is such a striking feature of intellectuals.

Is this all worth bothering about?
Probably, yes.
We are living at the beginning of an epoch whose
Essential character still awaits definition.