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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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actually you're most right.
love's the medium and humans, the vessel.

yet what brings us happiness brings forth pain as well.
that's life.

(Deleted comment)
should we then stay away from it?

sadly we need love in order to nature and enrich our souls.

love + scary = za za zsu.


za za zsu - that special something that gives you butterflies in the stomach.

according to carrie bradsaw.


The replies are funny!

Treasure It.

Actually I don't find it scarier; it's just the opposing dimension of love. With no love, there's no hatred, and vice versa.

One can't exist without the other.

hate usually follow love, if it is to the same person.

but some ppl just hate the world and hate other people, without any love to those other people in first place. Hatred just come before any love has ever happened. These are what i say hatred is more scary, and it doesnt always true for "no love then no hatred too because there isnt even love there before". some people just hate the world without trying to see it differently.

No love = No hatred?

Actually I don't agree that "with no love, there's no hatred."

It is precisely the lack of love that breeds either indifference or hatred in the world today. Thus, it's our choice: We can either love, be indifferent, or hate (our neighbours, general issues, etc). It is the human condition to feel - the philosophical premise which knows no love is an impossibility to human beings.

As for whether love, hatred or indifference is the scariest, i think the surrounding circumstances in which they arose may give a clue.

i am the living context.

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