December 26th, 2005


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:: Into The Night ::

With a couple of dollars and no change to spare
He got into the car, determined, yet uncertain.
Gotta keep moving, gotta keep driving, he told himself.
There's no time to waste, no time no time
Gotta keep moving, keep moving
Gotta leave yesterday for tomorrow
Gotta drive into the shadows of the night
Somewhere hidden, somewhere safe
To somewhere. Somehow.
Yet he can't help wondering as he glanced into the rear mirror
About the journey he has travelled so far.
Has he been going round in circles
Making the wrong turns at the crossroads?
Is there such a thing as a wrong journey?
A passenger mutters something in his sleep.
His eyes averted from the mirror onto the sleepy ones.
Lips pursed into a smile, he felt the warmth from within.
He switched the headlights on, and stepped on the accelerator
And zoomed into the night.

The neverending road beckons.