November 11th, 2005


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:: Love and Me ::

I'm making an effort to put in an entry a day.
I want to make it more personal.
I want it to be more reflective of the day I've had.

Someone asked me today about my past loves.
I replied, "I don't think that my love for any of them ever died or dissipated."
I mean, for all the people I've loved in my love,
I still love them all.
I never believe in a state whereby loving one more means loving another one less.
In fact, there's so much positive energy one can get from loving positively.
"When I love someone, I don't possess," I added.
I wish the best for that person.
And for that three I've committed myself to, including my current one,
I'm glad I'm still in good contact with all of them.
And for those that I've loved and still love,
You know that you're being loved.

So much love in the air today.

*runs away*