November 9th, 2005


(no subject)

:: Runny Nose ::

I'm down with a runny nose.
It made me feel lethargic the entire day.
I bought a chicken pie and some bread from Mobil
So I could skip lunch today, and
Arranged two chairs to face each other
So that I could have an hour-long siesta.
That helped a little.
The long day didn't.
There were many papers to clear,
A long dreary discussion,
And many deadlines to meet.
And some aiming to do.
I was a point short but I passed.
I bought myself a late dinner.
I washed my car.
I watered the bamboo.
I ate my dinner.
Then I drank some coke lite with lemon
(time to buy more)
And ljsurfed.
Ok, midnight's passed.
I shall take some medication, and go to bed.
Goodnight, world.