October 25th, 2005


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:: When The Masquerade's Over ::


We adorned our costumes.
We put on our masks.
We waltzed into the ballroom.
We were bedazzled by the scintillating light pulses.
We were embraced by the electronic orchestra.
We hobnobbed with those we had to.
We switched partners right after each coda.
We exchanged sweet nothings.
We chased our high as the music chased her accelerando.
We thought we were happy.
We thought the moment would last forever.
But the lights will dim.
But the sounds will fade.
And all would depart.
We would be stars for that fizzling moment.
And that moment would end.
It is all but a show.

And when the show's over
It's time to go home.
To those who matter.
To those who would be waiting
Under the old oak tree.