August 31st, 2005


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:: Thoughts On Love #1 ::

Love, to me, is dynamic.
One can Love too deeply to Love unconditionally, but idealistically, with a price.
In the first place, the conditions must be right for Love to blossom.
And the conditions must persist for Love to persist as well.
Like the Yin and the Yang.
Love goes on because Love is fueled by the positive factors.
And because there is Love, the factors get more positive in the process.
When there is no fuel, Love dies.
Love can die.
Complacency kills Love.
Complacency kills Love.

:: Thoughts On Love #2 ::

X loves Y because of what Y is.
And because X loves Y, X accepts Y for what Y is.
In a steady state, there is equilibrium.
However, if X changes and/or Y changes, the balance is lost.
Then either:
1. X adjusts expectations on Y.
2. Y adjusts to meet Y's expectations.
Very delicate.
If the seemingly steady state of balance cannot be maintained
The What-If monster manifests.
What Ifs kills Love.
What Ifs kills Love.
So does the mouse who refuses to find the moved cheese.

:: Thoughts On Love #3 ::

Love is independent of Time.