March 17th, 2005


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:: From B ::

I have put a cork on this issue.
But B sent me a series of SMSes.
After I passed him fifty dollars and twenty one pages of comments, letters and good advice.
To those who cared.

This is from B to all of you who bothered.

"Thanks for the article... I finish studyin it... of course i do agree with some and don with some... some r just too hard to understand... by de way help me to thank thomas (eviltaru) for sharin his experience and do tell everyone who wrote to u a respond tat i will still continue to study but in a more special way... and when i reach my dream destination which is nafa... u will notify them... de articles are touchin but i am determined on walkin my path i choose... don be worry or disappointed... i set my determination on my tis dream... and i will never regret... never ever... i will one day walk out of nafa with my head high... that day will come... and i say this with confidant... no matter wat obstacle come... i will defeat it... thanks for those who wrote on de article and esp thomas and u... please write all this on de lj... and hopefully i would like to c their comments on wat i wrote... oh yah one more thing... i do remember wat u say at de swimmin pool... i also understand that life withou qualification in nothin... and that to lead a comfortable life in de future... a degree is necessary... haha... i find tat my english improve... haha"

I am glad I spent some time with him in my car.
I reminded him that I am prepared, at any time, to sponsor his N & O levels.
I will also sponsor his NAFA fees.
But B will have to prove it to me by arriving at that juncture himself, on his own accord.
I will be waiting there.

And once again, on behalf of B, thank you.
The lines you all pen down has the power to inspire.

*Please, if you want to, comment here and I will pass it to B*
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