February 7th, 2005


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:: The Amelie from Hong Kong ::

Look at what I received from the mail over the weekend.

How sweet! Thank you sweet girl mcflurry!
I have nothing to give in return except for goodwill.
Goodwill from the good will.


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:: Halving the Kingdom ::

One menza quiz that was never erased from my memory was the one about the king and his kingdom. It goes like this:
"If you're the king and you are about to leave your kingdom to your two sons, how can you divide the kingdom such that both parties will be satisfied with their portion?"
That quiz really got me thinking for a while.

I've kept a diary since I was thirteen, and have continued to do so till now.
And I have them all with me.
Except for a particular year; I was taking the train towards Narita back to Singapore.
I was in a rush and forgot my bag and the diary inside it.
And so a year's worth of memories, meaningless to anyone else, was lost forever.
Notwithstanding, the diarying prevailed and went on till 24 Dec 2001, when echester passed me an account. (thank you!)
Hence, the transition into something more virtual.

921 entries later, I wonder where I am now.
Looking through the cryptic entries that only mean something to me and those that share that certain moment, I cannot help but wonder if I should start a diary once more.
Livejournal, or blogging, for all its virtues cannot replace the privacy of a diary containing the innermost thoughts.
Yeah, there is the private option and blah blah but it is simply not the same.

And in this blogging world, we cannot run away from the fact that we are judged for more than what we write.
The moment someone knows me and the blog that I pen my thoughts down, the comments that are registered are directed to me, and not the writer.
I will never know.

It's like leaving comments to this unknown person's blog/livejournal until you realise that he or she is actually Nicole Kidman.
Will the comments you leave ever be the same again?
Hence my inclination to divide the kingdom and embark on my little experiment.

Let's see what happens.

And for the answer to the quiz, before I forget:
The king made one son divide the kingdom while the other gets to choose first.
He must have been a wise king.
Oh well. Yawn Yawn.
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