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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Rainy Wed Day ::

  • The best moments of the day are probably

  • Receiving news of hotdoggie passing his driving test (and I wasn't even informed beforehand). "Well Done!"

  • Having the lunch appointment with David. Nice food. Nice talk. Thanks for sharing.

  • Knowing that I do not have to travel to Lentor to pick Darius up. Phew.

  • Having my usual dose of teleconferencing with thatkodomo

  • American Idol. I'm glad Gloria made it. I simply love her "Words Get in the Way"

  • Just That.

I realize you're seein' someone new, I don't believe she knows
you like I do
Your temperamental moody side, the one you always try to hide
from me
But I know when you have something on your mind
You've been tryin' to tell me for the longest time
And before you break my heart in two
There's something I've been trying to say to you
But the words get in the way, there's so much I want to say
But it's locked deep inside, and if you look in my eyes
We might fall in love again
Won't even start to cry, and before we say goodbye
I tried to say I love you, but the words got in the way
Your heart has always been an open door
But baby I don't even know you anymore
And despite the fact it's hurting me, I know the time has come to
set you free
I'm tryin' to say I love you, but the words get in the way

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now you'll have to let hotdoggie drive your car!! muahhaha!!

get ready to go "you stalled again?!?!"

how about 'erm...that's not the gearstick you're grabbing...' :p

haha sorry, too good a line to waste even if it does mean posting on a stranger's blog. Having said that, Howdy, stranger!

Howdy back.

*emitter beeps*

emitter beeps? what kind of emitter, exactly?

Nice song .... " Anything for you" is good too :)

(Deleted comment)
Whoops. Think it's < lj user="insert_lj_username_here" > without the spaces between the < and >, eg agooddaytolive?

At least you get hotdoggie to drive u around...us single perpetual one-end-other-end of Singapore commuters have to get by on public transport most of the time

Erm, you can always get a lift when we do dinners in the east.


but i never get invites...

for there was never an addressee?
time to get in touch again...

*la la la*

that is so not true...u can ask M*** or especially S*T**...he has my numbers and he knows where i live..in fact he's known me since my 20th birthday..how's that for seven years (God..don't remind me..coming up in a month's time...shudder). In fact M*** and I used to live so close by each other that I'd often walk down to upper east coast road very near your present place just to get to NUS.

So there..no excuses...I'm just shy myself, because u guys are like a family there already and I don't go unless invited.


la la la.

Dinner soon!

WEll private me your contact details...makes it easier to get in touch with me? my msn handle is kryon22@hotmail.com

WEll private me your contact details...makes it easier to get in touch with me? my msn handle is kryon22@hotmail.com

You've got mail!

Sweetie...i think u ahve to add me to your msn messenger at kryon22@hotmail.com or email me directly at kryon22@singnet.com.sg...didn't receive anything from you. Full name and number hor, so easier to catalogue black book! :P

But thanx for the reply

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