September 11th, 2004


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:: ... followed by a double slam ::

Just when everything is seemingly alright again, the Mandelbrot Set triggers. Whatever happened to the relentless drugery of mundane life? I want mundane! I want mundane! Doh.

4. The people from Stamford called to say that my Subaru was ready for collection, with the exception that the air-con valve is faulty and needs to be replaced. No spare parts - need to wait. Deduction: A weekend of driving with the windows down. Sounds HOT.

5. Realised that my tuner wasn't connected properly and hence drove down to Autobacs to get it remedied. Since I was there, I decided that there was no harm getting my air-con checked there as well. They lacked the spare part as well, and promised that they would call me on saturday to fix an appointment (which they didn't, as of now). In the process of checking my air-con, they removed the plug connecting my power source to the two fans that cool the radiator. Gist: I was driving down a traffic jam, near Raffles Hotel, when I started to see steam, lots of steam creeping out from my bonnet. Never thought such a situation could happen to me; I stopped the car in front of the former NCO's club and opened the bonnet. Then came the kind assistance from the bored security guard whose 'mundane drugery' was broken by the helpless driver who knew nuts why his car was steaming. He passed me some water to top up the coolant, and while I was fanning the radiator with a towel, he managed to identify the problem with the connection and plugged the power cable of the fans back to the power source. Problem Solved! But it disrupted whatever gym plans I had, and for obvious reason I couldn't drive with peace of mind anymore.

Should I wait for the final combo? Nay, life goes on.
Like what someone quipped, "when it rains, it pours."

It can be fun standing in the pouring rain.
If we choose to.
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