December 18th, 2003



Have been toiling hard the past few nights to put together a flash corporate presentation that lasts 5-7 minutes.
Thanks to SwishMax, the job was slightly easier.

Almost done, almost done.

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Reflections, a week before Christmas.

Finally managed to send out the last batch of self-made Christmas Cards. Call me old-fashioned, but I relish the joy of opening the mailbox to see a letter or card specially sent to me. My postal list this year grew a little; as much as I wanted to mail to a larger group of friends, I was unable to retrieve their mailing addresses in time. (perhaps I'll do another consolidation this weekend). Of worthy mention are the cards that I'm sending overseas: my ex in Japan, my Danish friend as well as some flurried gal in Hong Kong. There're another treasured few whom have yet to reply to my mailing address request. I hope they revert soon.

Over the years, I have unfailingly been sending a christmas card to Mr Sim Kok Heng, my form teacher in my upper secondary school days. Mr Sim was an inspiring teacher in more ways than one; he was able to handle a bunch of disinterested students in chemistry by guiding them in the most appropriate manner. He also made an impact on me by these words, that I choose never to forget:

"If your peers do not stand by you, they are not worthy of being your friends."

It may seem like a bigoted statement, but it was really what I needed, at that time, at that juncture of my life.
This year, for the tenth year, he's getting it again.

Seriously, this festive season's a good time to reflect and recollect, and to renew old ties. I've made acquaintances and friends over the years, and some have drifted, like the fallen leaves scattered by the autumn gust. Just last night, I rummanged through my old diaries and filofaxes and retrieved my old email address lists. Did a mass-send, which I deem rude, but I sincerely hope they can understand.

Last but not least, I wish to thank my guardian angel, who's always been that someone to watch over me. I may have suffered a few hard falls from an early childhood, but I am fortunate to have an angel to always be there for me.

Thank you, my guardian angel.
Thank you.
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