November 3rd, 2003


Tiring Day

Finally delivered the computer to Brenden. After much consideration, decided to pass him my Pen IV 2.2 Ghz computer, complete witih 512MB memory, 64Mb Graphic Card, Altec Lansing subwoofer and speakers, Webcam-cum-digital camera. Decided against after getting a new computer for a couple of reasons: Bren was probably going to use the computer for gaming and will need to take some time to learn about the finer virtues of a processor. Perhaps a web-design course during his school holidays might do the trick. In addition, I would require myself a portable computer for both home and office use. Hence.

Dropped by to fix the sound card, which had unfortunately dislodged from the morning delivery. After that was the usual gym session. Really hit it hard at the gym this evening; I wonder if endorphins are released during intense gym sessions..?
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