September 23rd, 2003


Car Update

What transpired:

  • Brought the car to my workshop for assessment

  • Called up the cabby to inform him of the max price of $1600+

  • Decided to only replace the side metal panel and side lights, and patch up the bumper instead of a full replacement, for sake of cabby

  • Cabby arrives and started to bargain a good price with Workshop supervisor

  • Price drops to $780 (!)

  • Cabby paid and we agreed that there was no need for any written settlement

  • I was told that repairs would take at least till wed evening and that I would be car-less

  • I complained to cabby on my injustice

  • Cabby offered $20 which was obviously not adequate; I counterargued

  • Cabby offered $30, still not enough (I work quite far from where I live!) but I decided to stop it here

  • Cabby started to threaten to bring the issue to court (and insurance) and behaved aggressively

  • I reacted and shouted back, and warned him that I'm not to be bullied. That was probably the last thing he wanted to do.

  • Cabby was shocked and changed demeanor, purred instead

  • I relented and reminded him of my decision not to replace bumper.

I hope this kind of logomachy will not happen again.
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