July 23rd, 2003


Update Time

After I paid for Bren's Hi-Card, I can now easily contact him. He's got 24 more weeks before his final year exams, and it'd be a rocky acclivity ahead. Funny thing was, I had some difficulty remembering how to solve those quadratic equations and factorisation. Remember how to find X and Y by using either Elimination or Substitution method?

And then there's mesuration. I accidently mistook it for menstruation, much to our embarassment! Notwithstanding, the science syllabus covers topics like puberty and even had a well-illustrated segment on how to use a condom and how it looks like. I'm impressed!

I would never want Brenden to experience what both Angela and myself have gone through; yet the irony of life and evolution is such that those that are able to withstand the toughest conditions usually triumph. He needs love. I do not know how to give love, not having being the recipient of it itself. It is an experience being a father and a brother.

Last evening, after Chocolate Bar, Cindy and myself spent a couple of hours at the Esplanade Waterfront. We gazed across the river at the beautiful array of lights from the skyscrapers and Fullerton Hotel. I spoke of "Drifting", the first poem I ever wrote. She talked about her past. I was surprised how little I knew of her. We are similar in many ways. We are strong fighters. We feel inept very often; we feel a need to prove ourselves. And we don't believe in Heaven.

It's scary how history can shape the future in ways that we never knew.
It's scary how we tend to overcompensate.
But it's a marvel how evolution works: those the survives the toughest conditions never die, and appreciate the simpler things of life, while the pampered and sheltered, if left unawakened, festers and expires.

Hey channel 8's showing Nang-Nak!
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