May 27th, 2003


Koncluding a weekend

The Bank Holiday passed quickly like a fleeting dream.

Let me recall.
Friday was Russian Ark and pub and beers and retro!
Saturday was gym and dinner and four hours of non-stop karaoke. I really suck at singing, but a little red wine, desert wine and scotch did the trick. A couple of us felt a little embarassed emptying that bottle of really expensive scotch at the host's expense!! I also finally understood what the Eurovision Song contest was all about, having first seen it in one of the cards during one of the those ol' Pictionary weekends.
Sunday was pizza-making and tea and pub-hopping (I think it's the culture here) and club.
Seriously, it was the best clubbing experience of my life so far. It was like five hours of solid dancing, and there were plenty of hot babes, of which, one the feelings were mutual. *drool drool*. But we were both attached, and other than some dirty dancing we knew our limits. That night kinda rekindled the fire of those days when I clubbed almost every weekend, which I've abstained for a good two years. Probably I'd hit Zouk once again with Cindy when I'm back. Nigel wanted to bring Stephanie along but we weren't sure if David would mind.

Monday. Bank Holiday. Dim Sum at Chinatown, and then a couple of us spent a lovely afternoon soaking up the sun at a nearby park while taking glances at the myriad of people passing by. Such are the pleasures of life.

Life should be relished without the blindfold of emotional burden. I stand by my statement.
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So what if you're a rocket scientist?

I was fortunate to visit the Astrium, the company that produced ST-1, the telecommunications satellite jointly launched by Singapore and Taiwan in 1996.

Astrium, Europe’s No. 1 space company and an industry world leader, has an impressive track record across the spectrum of the space business: Earth observation, space science programmes, telecommunications, ground systems, navigation and military programmes. The lot of us had the opportunity to learn about how the satellites were manufactured, deployed and how they worked. In addition, we were given an on-site tour of the entire factory. How I envy those space satellite scientists. It'd be nice to walk up to a babe and introduce myself like

"Oh, I'm just a space satellite scientist. Nothing spectacular".

Anyway, in about a week's time, Mars Express and Beagle2 will be launched. If successful, Beagle2 will land this Christmas and will be able to collect DNA sample from Mars.
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