April 6th, 2003


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Type Six
The Loyalist is committed to being faithful and dependable. The Loyalist has a compulsive need to receive approval, feel taken care of, and to avoid being seen as rebellious.

The Head Center: Moves away from others - Out of touch with the center.
Original Loss: "I was too rebellious."
Problem Emotion: Fear
Decision: Being obedient and loyal allows you to survive and be loved.
False Claim: "You can always depend on me."
Four Adjectives: Likable and dutiful, but dependent and masochistic

Self-image: I am faithful and responsible.
Compulsion: To establish security by obeying the rules.
Avoidance: Doubt and uncertainty.
Sin: Fear
Gift: Commitment, Seeing it through, Being responsible
Five Wing: More introverted intellectual, cautious, and standoffish .
Seven Wing: More extroverted, materialistic, active, and impulsive.
Stress Point: 3 - Manic doing, overdrive, over-responsible, imprudent rushing ahead.
Security Point: 9 -Trust the natural flow of events and people to do their job, faith in the team.

Crossing the River: Does the safe obedient over arm stroke.
Affirmation: "It is OK to take risks and make mistakes."
Famous Examples of Sixes:

RFK, George Bush, Malcom X, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen, Mel Gibson, Princess Diana, Phil Donohue, Jay Leno, Woody Allen, Rush Limbaugh, Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, Jane Fonda, J. Edgar Hoover, "George Costanza," "Archie Bunker"