December 23rd, 2002


Monday blues

It's 739pm and I'm still at the office. My computer went out on me while I was attempting to do up a website with Microsoft Frontpage. Oh well. Fortunately I saved the pages. I'm always eager to design webpages, with the eventual aim to form up some kind of online repository (of information which would ultimately become knowledge) but my short bursts of enthusiasm coupled with the lack of time killed any fresh saplings that come out of my innovation.

Christmas's coming Christmas's coming,
but the langishing lights still dangle from the reaching branches over Orchard Road.
Brought sis and bro for Christmas shopping. Got sis the Retro microwave oven she wanted, and for Brenden I got him a translucent wallet from the Wallet Shop. (In addition to that I got him 5 assessment books). Bringing up my brother (sorta) is probably not dissimilar to parenthood. I talk to him about his school-life and home-life; I talk to him about his dreams (which he has none as of yet), his fears, the naughty things that he did for the past month. It is not easy to win a kid's trust, especially when we belong to the same family tree. He fears me for my authority. I'm his father figure. In spite of all this, I hope for him the things that never came to me. I wish for his best.

The end of the year is coming.
It's time to cry over the dreams that never materialised, to regret over the moments of folly and pure stupidity, to lament over the things that I set out to do but wavered along the way.
And then make new plans and resolutions for the new year.

The best is yet to be.
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