November 18th, 2002


Monday oredy leh.

Saturday. Can't remember what happened but windsurfing happened as usual. This was the first time I was using my entire set of board and sail. The hefty 7.5m cambered sail was actually quite tame in reasonable winds, and the "poof" sound of the sail catching the wind is pure exhilarating! Spent at least three hours at sea.

Mortal Kombat Hotpot! Dinner as an activity took place at the revamped Parkway, and the entire gang tried out the MK Hotpot (Mortal Kombat Hotpot!). Thinking that it was a buffet steamboat restaurant, we eagerly stomped into the restaurant, only to be put off by the exorbitant prices and paltry dishes. Doubt I will visit it again.

GIANT!!!Parkway was swamped with curious and bored Singaporeans, whose only form of weekend entertainment was probably to congregate on new happening shopping malls. Giant was seriously crowded, and near-stampedes took place approximately every ten minutes, when seemingly fabulous deals were unveiled to the hungry public. It can get pretty amusing when you see hordes frantically reaching out for tangerines at 10 for a dollar or two. Oh well.
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