August 3rd, 2002


Great Windsurfing Session

The sun was great, and the surf was constant. The rain clouds brought some wind with them, and all in all I had a great time.
Managed to do a beach start (to windsurf right from the beach) and had fun practising my jibes.

Can you find me in here?

There was an experienced surfer who stood around to dish out helpful advice.. and he gave me more confidence in my stance and et cetera.
Bought him a can of drink to show my appreciation. The funny thing was that, he met Meng 16 years ago... and both remembered it! What a small world!
*sings it's a small world after all*

Oh well... there're still things I need to do over the weekend. Hope it's a fruitful weekend. =)

A camera case, a nalgene and a siemens
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