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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Did this as well. Thanks to e_rambler and subsequently, hotdoggie
Oh well.

Oh, and thanks to echester, I was motivated enough to attempt my IPPT today without any prep.
Managed a Gold. Phew.

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Go do your push ups!

*double bish*

i think i shall go play some computer games...

la la la...

Have you seen a flying slipper?


is the flying slipper guilt-ridden? =P

Erm, not cocky but relieved.
A couple of seconds late and I would have only managed a silver....


So THAT'S how you look like huh! Muahahaha.

Without prep also get gold, wonder what you'd get if you prepped. Y_Y

It was a close shave; my entire life flashed past me in the last fifty metres to the finishing line....

Nothing much happened in your life eh? :P

more money for u!

ha ha a GOLD
enjoy the extra Cash

gold w/o prep!!!!

I can barely pass my 2.4! Grrrr!

Wide-eyed-innocence? =D

I'd always thought that the best thing about getting gold is not just the money, but the right to wear the badge..


Money is supplementary; it is the pride and achievement of 'conquering' one's mental limitations that means something to me. In a short word, Discipline?

This is especially so (for myself or anyone else) during the last few hundred metres... when you know that there's only xyz seconds before the gold window closes it's up to you and your mind to push yourself beyond whatever physical pain that's stopping you from moving forward.

And it helps when you know that there are others around that are scrutinising you silently. An example must be made.

Oh well.

oh goodie.
$400 = 70 apple shots during 1-for-1 = 2.5 bottle clicquot.
I WAN!!!

yup, the badges are some of the coolest thing ever in service.
i keep them around as fond trinkets of the past, should have signed on..haha..

you did make an example, a gold is a gold; its every bit deserved..

how come everyone start making this type of userpic? :P

cool... well-done...

timing?! :)

Erm, 9:42.
My gold window closes at 9.59 but the people at the finishing line thought otherwise and pressured me a little more...


hey teach me how to make a user pic like yours. :)

Erm, I'm not using it as my userpic.
But in case you're interested:

1. go to kevin82's post; there's a link to the shockwave.exe
2. do up your pic
3. do a 'printscreen'
4. copy into a blank canvas in any graphic application you have. i chose photostop.
5. crop, resize.
6. you're good to go!

its all in the mind dude..


er, ... and i thought someone said he is flabby and unfit liao ... tsk tsk tsk...

who who?

*looks around*

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