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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

: Victimised @ IGORS :

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hahaah! Did Norleena molest you?

She has migrated to somewhere closer to you.

*la la la*

Careful, the island might just sink.

*evil laughter*

wahlau you even meaner than me!

Norleena not there any more; she's gone to Oz.

Haha. That's my very good friend in the cauldron, by the way.

Pity you didn't come when I was performing there; you would have kenna even more, I guarantee. :)

your good friend nearly stuffed my face into her boobs.

She was only doing her job...director told her too lah.

However, judging from your userpic, perhaps this time she enjoyed her work a bit. *wink*

i'm sure good friend enjoyed herself *quite* a bit more on the nights in question. sitting in a cauldron does have it perks after all...

well i'd say that getting cute guys to take off their shirts in front of her pretty much counts as a huge perk. better still if they happen to have bods to die for. :p

oh and even better if she gets to almost stuff her boobs into their faces. or vice versa.

Phew, lucky man!

*breathes a sign of relief*

I know that things you are capable of!

Heehee...well I hope you had fun!

oh my.
wat did the 2 of u have to do?

Erm... fan the lady in the centre?
But we were tied up and then 'beaten' up.... and abused.

Oh well.

did u enjoy the experience?

Be glad, ok. If this had been before the recent complaint letter appeared in the ST forum, you would have had your top ripped off and your nipples pinched.

Yes, really.

tied up and beaten up..?

kinky eh? :P


(Deleted comment)
hahaha! you know what, i was exactly at the same position as you held by ben on thursday. hahaha.

Heh heh.

I'm sure simplenusguy would want to quickly catch the show at Igor's then.


lol. i'm sure he does.
*nod nod nod*

I need a pitchfork!

Oops I mean a trident!

Hahaha! Geez, what d'ya have to do?

Twas abused by the Sea Queen or Mermaid Empress or whatever.... was thorougly embarassed...


oh my gawd... that's traumatic!

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