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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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My comments for the night

Comments galore, for the night:

# Was just talking about this to a pal.
Is it faith, or trust?
If it is trust, is there justification for it?
Or is it the trust of trust itself? It becomes scary when faith perpetuates faith. You should eat an apple because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why? Because an apple simply keeps the doctor away! Is it so?
So it goes again, round and round and round...


# Like it or not, there's always a tendency to be impressed by first impressions, obviously skin deep.
Perhaps it's with such outlets like blogs and livejournals that a more enriching understanding will surface.
Let's face it. How much can you get to know someone over a few bottles of beer at a noisy club like Zouk?


# *nods*
True friendship is about offering your point of view without hesitation. After that, it's about standing behind him or her all the way, regardless of the eventual decision.
Nevertheless, nothing defines a true friendship except that special feeling that tugs the heartstrings. You know it's a true friend when you feel one.
*deep in thought*


# Sometimes, people have the tendency to see things only from their perspective, simply because it is the easiest way to see things.
I am guilty of that as well.
It becomes easy to blame someone. To condemn someone. To put someone on the 'wrong' and ourselves on the 'right'. Imagine what happens when both parties do that. No resolution.
Things get better when we view situations from the third person's perspective: things get clearer when we are able to put ourselves in the other party's shoes.
*rambling again*


# Better post an entry to let us know that you're safe and fine after your trip alrighty? Feeling worried already....
*pretends to feign concern*


# Perhaps, instead of running away from it all, it is better to slowly start accepting that fact that we're probably at the prime of our lives and that it's a downhill journey from henceforth.
Notwithstanding, a downhill journey has its adventures as well. Ageing gracefully with like-minded and like-bodied friends is probably the best that we can do.


# Human are like roaches. We never know where we're really scurrying towards, until some thing hits us like "bang" (or rather "crunch") and then nothing else matters.


Somehow it's always easier to comment than write; the need to confront one's actions and thoughts is eliminated. Nevertheless, I am glad this week's over. I shall go crash a rooster.

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Pretending to feign concern is just a roundabout way of saying that you're concerned :) (Double negatives are a no no, you know? :P)

I assume crash a rooster = bangkok?

what does it mean to 'crash a rooster'?

Somehow it's always easier to comment than write; the need to confront one's actions and thoughts is eliminated

i completely agree! which is probably why i'm commenting now. :P but it's really true. i never feel like updating my LJ unless i feel i have anything interesting to say about my life, but most of the time, i end up writing about the same few things. i get bored with my own life and therefore infer that others will get bored too, so i don't update. but commenting allows me to think about other people's lives which are usually more interesting than mine.

Don't stop writing please. Somehow the same usual entries, written differently can be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

hey, you're practically everywhere! Hmmm......



Somehow I worry there're more than one ME around.

*furrows brows*

R, a rustle from the wind?



you're a smart boy! :o)

Not sure about the "wind" though.

Anything less and it'd be too obvious for anybody.


love those triceps!! :P

just a reader.

yes your thoughts have their merits indeed.
friendship is about that special feeling, involving a giving without expecting. to accept them for who they are. not being judgemental. but how many pple succeed in achieving the complete altruism associated with friendship?

superficiality rules in both genders and all sexualities. face it, it is unfortunate but permeates all pple's judgments, despite their claims of beauty is BLAH BLAH BLAH.

just a thot =)

It permeates indeed.
Thus, with no power to deny it, perhaps it is wise to accept it and see beyond it. While beauty ignites the first roar of the engine of the heart, it's the communication and personality that fuels the journey.

thanks for your blog introspective comments. its enriching in a way. will be an arrrdent supporter..haha. =)

eh? hmmmmm...

*slants eyes*

just someone who doesn't have anything better to do than read blogs..
quick more poems pls.. i like poems too..

and whats with the slanting of eyes ? so filled with suspicion..hah

hey, there are smart roaches around leh.. :P

Those can siam the insecticide pretty well. :P

finally got the alignment huh? i noticed that reading your entries from your main page, there doesnt seem to be any title.

Title? Erm, put the title as the first photo....

i meant title for each entry, i don't mean the crossroads that we face all the time.

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