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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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First (feeble) attempt

Good practise though...

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I spot a familiar target at (x3,y1)

erm, it's the pet cow.

*gives the "Got Milk?" look*

ahhh..the cow in its natural habitat..

*gives the "he's over at ozz" look*

Methane is more than 20 times more potent than Carbon dioxide in causing global warming and here is one of the major culprits!

Each year, cattle generate about 100 million tonnes of methane. But now a new scientific program aims to ease their gas problem by improving their diet.

Methane is generated by micro organisms in the cow's stomach which break down the fodder the animal has eaten. And most of the gas is released through the animal's mouth.

You know, if we'd put a matchstick to them, we could probably witness some free fireworks..
You'd have cows flying over the moon..wow

eh when did you take that pic?


Re: eh when did you take that pic?

u guys meant the pix with someone liftin her skirt showin her white panty?

Re: eh when did you take that pic?



Re: eh when did you take that pic?

u famous mah

hahaha! that was the same thing i wanted to ask when I saw that!

Gosh, he's becoming so easy to spot. no market value already.

Hmmmm what can I say, difficult to define, impossible to resist!

The beauty of the pictures. And of course you. :p Kekekekkekek!

Like the montage, you exude Allure that's also difficult to define, impossible to resist!!

Bootlicker at his best!

now does that silence means good or deadly?
the cacophony of silence is deep and loud.

btw, how to bump into you? Its been a long time since I last saw u! *hint* :p

Humm....interesting montage...nice.

eoe..realli nice..you did it yrself?

you stole the idea that i stole and beat me to implementing it!!!

Hmmm...it looks quite tough. You must have a good teacher.

Erm, I'm a self-learner.
Took me a while, especially with the rotation portion. I didn't know it was hidden under 'Arrange'!


well done then!
we learn new things everyday!
What program is this? ADB?

attempt to ... ? (interview, competition...)

Do you like bibimbab?
i always thought it looks wonderful.. but the eating abit messy.

Remembers...how was yr kimchi mix the last time?
(Kimchi is yummi...)
Have you any gd korean restuarant to reccomend?

thank u. :)

I remember the times while I was in Korea. All I could order was Bibimbab. Eating's not really messy since you're supposed to mess everything up. Easier to eat that way.

Good korean restaurants? Ham Ka Rum, which is at Hereen, is not bad.
Think I shall have a meal there pretty soon.

... me not messy boy. haha.
so when i eat bibimbab ... i always feel so gay... i make sure everything is proper ... LOL

At hereen you say?
i hear there are some korean shops 1 street b4 club street beside far east sq... authentic they say. i am not sure. dun work there. seldom go there to...


adobe photoshop cs v8.0? :P

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