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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Backtrack : Outside Saatchi

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tua tau...

sigh i went and screwed up the firmware on my adsl modem/router... no bb internet tonight i guess... using 56k dialup on the ibook to get my LJ fix...


sends 387MB video clip to cowie..... *drip drip leaky pipe*..... *yawns*

say.. want a McDonald Ice cream cone? *licks*

have good 8 can fall into the group counted. Doh surely can...at least doh can squeeze into the first column i think.

hmmm... finally an inkling of this mystery man looks like.

Mystery man?

*looks around*

What beeeeg muscles you have Grandmama!

I see the back DELTS!
Very cool landscape.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

.... must remember not to post any pictures with humans in it....

No 18 never looked so good.
My my, that is a BIG BEN!

Zhuang Guan De Bei Ying

*repeats comments for little prince*

Hey that was a backtrack; almost a year ago!

boo hoo... nobody sing praises to the one who took tis picture!!!!!


Hey really nice tee!

*off-topic I know*

Your Body is a wonderland!masterpiece of attention...

Everyone is eager to see you stark naked!!!

Hmmm... whatever happened to your selfpic posted eons ago?

*makes a funny face*

thats along London Eye isnt it?

nice place. :)

Nice place with nice memories...

I shd be planning another London trip soon enough ... Madonna's doing her world tour!!! Arrrhhh!! :) *cums in pants*

some guys from the back looks so nice for warm hug.

Hmmm... the weather must be turning cold...

Hi :)

How was your trip to London?

Was an eye opener in more ways than one.


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