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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Just watched The Passion of the Christ. Disturbing, sad movie. To visualise it is heart-wrenching. The floodgates naturally opened.

Nevertheless, I refuse to let any religious overtones take over.

Nevertheless, I remember again the red bookmark I've kept with me over the years; "Only good things come from God's hands. He never gives you more than you can bear. Every burden prepares you for eternity."

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When we are on our knees, we know that it is not we who control the world;
it is in our own power,
therefore, to supply our need by our independent efforts;
every good thing that we desire for ourselves and for others must be sought from god,
and will come, if it comes at all, as a gift from His hands

Have a good weekend.

hmm... i can't wait to see the movie althou i am non-religious

nice reminder thou

Lucky you, watched the show so early!!

I'm only getting to watch it next Saturday...

Great so I'm not the only one who bawled!

How true, when you remove the religious overtones of it and just dwell on the purely spiritual message. For how can we conceive of eternity if we don't know what mortality is or have never experienced it? Happiness without the knowledge of sadness and pain and loss is not happiness, because we have no point of reference.


oh pls... anyway. I should be happy for you that you cried. I did't. Maybe pride got to me.

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