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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Third Week of March: Summary

Italian Salad : White Roses : Balcony Steamboat : Candid Ironing

I am glad I'm finally catching a breather. The new posting came with the anticipated stress; and the political working environment doesn't alleviate the situation. Nevertheless a major milestone is over. I am glad to be able to resume the usual gym and run sessions I had till late last year.

Now I get the perfect excuse for my car audio upgrade. I have been wanting to upgrade my car audio system. Having made a resolve to keep my car for a good ten years, I reckoned that it was only fair that I improve the audio system a little. Nevertheless, I'm clueless about audio systems, and the last thing I would want is to be ripped off by some immoral dealer recommending some super-duper-expensive audio system. Nevertheless I made a trip down to Alexandra Village to take a look, and feel absolutely lost. That threatened the morning, but hard session at the gym followed by pool laps made the day a more fruitful one. I shall resolve to do a little more research on what I really need before making the investment. Or perhaps I do not need an upgrade; the money could be shelved aside for that unanticipated rainy day?

Yet again, like a long lost friend, the words came back to me last night. What is the meaning of it all? It's like when you know that you ought not to do something yet indulge in it, but you are unable to stop it. Is there a need to stop it, is there a need to control oneself? Or is there a need even to think about whether there is a need to? For those who do not know they do not know, can they be blamed? And are those who know that they do not know, then, burdened by the knowledge of their disability?

I guess it is applicable in every sense. Brenden told me today that he failed both his AMaths and EMathes test. Instead of reprimanding him for not working harder, I calmly reminded him that all I want of him is to be responsible for his actions. I can see Brenden growing older, from a young kid to the current teenager that I once was. I know that he would soon be out of my reach and control, and that he'd be spending his weekends on his own, with his friends. We might drift further apart, with the less physical contact and communication. There is without doubt a tinge of regretful sadness that remains etched in my heart, knowing that I am powerless to control his future. Guess we'll just do the best that we can do, eh?

Postscript : At the end of the day, every battle is fought internally. As long as I believe in myself and my conscience (and my belief is justified), nothing really matters.

more like greek god to me... la la la

maybe brenden needs a maths tutor?

Aniwae, regarding the qn of upgrading your audio system, you have to ask yourself whether you are satisifed with your current audio system, if so, then no point wasting your money. I upgraded my audio system because my previous audio system was damn bad. The sound was not clear and the bass wasnt good.

He's having tuition in school as well as the local community centre.
His brother's coaching him as well. In spite of all these, I guess he must have the zeal to learn, especially during the classes.

Doing through your LJ posts can be a mind-rumbling experience.... :)
But anyhow, you know best what u need to do.... and sometimes.... life's unexpected and intriguing as it is.... Just embraces whatever happens with an open mind and a clear conscience.... Happiness and fulfillment will flow gradually and soon you know.... Life is about the facade of experiences stored along the tracks of your lifeline.... Nothing really matters.... All the best


It's not "mind-rumbling" lah, espcially when I'm trying my best to write as if I'm writing in my journal; as personal as I can allow it to.


my my all those pics appeal to the senses... the last one alone could get me writing for days

Arrrgghhh not another dig.

*pulls hair*

Last pic should be captioned

CandidEye Candy Ironing

wow, the chest is hen bu jian dan leh!

does everyone in sg have to be like that? or else can't survive in sg (ie. will not be wanted)? and thus, everyone goes gyming and have a chest like that? (actually, really none of my guy friend has this kind of 健身身材; but to me, sg guys are very into this, and always have every piece of muscles identiable and "separated". nah, i will never understand why sg men are keen on this....or becos of the need to go to the beach (and thus have chances to get naked, so have to trained to look like that?)

No comment to your brother part again. I still think study (and study hard) must be something grow from inside. It's like recovering from loss of love that no outsider could really force (you just have to wait till someday that he no longer feel the hurt). But you cannot let him see it if he is not willing to see it (how the bad company, lack of study, etc, would do harm to his future). But as a big brother, i understand that one is just feeling helpless and not possible not to be gan cheong and thus trying to help if you know (or can kinda foresee) the consequence already.

But also out of no point, must rely his own initiative (wake up someday). The greater the force you have on me, the farther he will run away from you.

Then again, ppl may not like all subjects. my a.math sucks. i even have been absent from my o-level a.math open exam (and i have not told my mom for that, i mean, i went out as usual on that exam day morning). Not persuading you to let/encourage your brother to do that, just want to point out that, some ppl may really have no interest at all in certain things. The major fear i have in a.math is that i can never evaluate the first step to the last just by given the end result. The more i find i cant control it, the worse i find my time with it (be it assignment, lesson, test, exam). And score fails for this subject all the time then.

See if you can arouse his interest in this. Give him something that can make him feel he can control it first, perhaps give me some easy easy ones to do first (ie. not necessarily following what he is currently being teached, if time allows). At the time ppl tried to teach me a.math in the very latter stage, i cant understand a single bit of what he's saying already, let alone all the extra tuition (ie. called intensive course) my school teachers gave to our classes 2 months before the real open exam on april.

i failed my secondary 3 A and E maths too, but i guess practice does it.

but the main reason i wanted to leave this comment is to say "phoarr those pecs!!!!"

this is getting too much!


I can't help but comment on pic 4. how come the boobs chest so big???

I wish the pic had included the tummy area, to see if there's any tummy hahahahaha!!! Doubt so, from the looks of it :(

yeah, to be frank, i think it looks like boobs too. Then i think it's probably itw posting his own so it's probably a chest.

so the consequence is, i have to rely on my remaining 7 subjects to get into F.6. It's ok as i have determined to kick math out (instead of thinking math has kicked me out). At the uni course selection stage, i cant choose any engineering based subject which relies a.math (at o-level) and pure math/applied math (at a-level) (<- i simply will not have these 2 results as i dont have a.math result to go further. i got a pretty good "abs" (absence) on my slip/cert). My choices allowed are almost halved. even architecture (my dream subject) here locally require some kind of math (as long as i can remember, an o-level's a.math will do, really fairly 入門級 already, among all the maths subject [pure/applied] you know)...i dont even have one to show.

But regret? hmm...no. I really am not interested. May be i will not be happy even if i can squeeze into architectural stream which i think i may like. But at that time, i then find...aiyah, not even have tried is really so bad. Not that i think just got 7 subjects in my cert is ugly, but that the girl who failed with me (getting 20+ marks in MOCK exam in march, internal in our school) can also get a Dee!

因為世上有拉curve這回事in open exam. (but not one in mock).

impressive pecs. everytime i see those kinda pecs in my gym, i start to feel faint, because they like so belong to me more than them. i need boob implants.

Well... If this helps:

Vagab HATES Maths. The only subject that ruins my somewhat impeccable grades.
I flunk all A Maths tests and exams through out my Sec 3/4, yet managed to clinch a B3 at Os.
I barely passed E Maths throughout Sec 3/4... Scored an A2.

Surprising. But not impossible. I remembered telling myself I will have to start "loving Maths" after Prelims and pratised it incessantly for approx 3 weeks till my major exams. :)

It can be done.

yeah. i do agree with vagabondt..practice is what he needs..my math kinda sucked back in school (it still sucked now..but thats not the case), but weeks of cramming in 10 yr series helped alot...it sorta boils down to whether you wanna do it or not..somehow down the line, your bro will realize he needs to buck up in his studies in order to do well..dun fret yah. =)

You have bigger boobs than me!!!

Kidding. Mine are still bigger. Haha!

*quickly checks up Dummie's Guide to Strangling*

The last dish looks good. Any film fest movies this year? It's been one year.

tsk tsk!!! my my
another headless body?? wat happened to the head?
so surprise of you to post that pic coz does not think you will do it.hmm, looking at the pic,u got a bit of tummmy arrrr..... hehhe

it was a candid photo, as captioned. nobody said that it was me.

From all the comments I concluded - SEX SELLS.

Maybe you did go into the wrong line after all - Intothewild :)

How abt we re-think abt the mag idea and u as the first cover boi??

Ok I shall ask him.