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(no subject)

arrrrgggghhhh.... i'm stuck at Alexandra Village figuring how to upgrade my car hi-fi system. i'm lost.

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iPod, and earphones.. :p

Hey I was actually contemplating Ipod and the wireless transmitter (for the car radio)....

Maybe I should save up, after all. I'm unsure if it's a worthy investment to upgrade the audio system.

I have tried using the wireless connection with my Ipod in the car. I personally thinks its a hassel with the power cable etc. Prefer just to use MP3 Cds. Also the volume level of the Ipod is poor unless you have an amp and the poor FM connection really makes for unsatisfactory listening experience with hiss and low fidelity.

Hey thanks for the useful advice.
Might just stick to the plain ol' audio system. The spare bucks might come in handy for a rainy day...

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