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arrrrgggghhhh.... i'm stuck at Alexandra Village figuring how to upgrade my car hi-fi system. i'm lost.

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But what kind of amp? I'm clueless...

hmm..actually the kind of amp depends on the amount of power(watts) your audio headset and speakers can support. A normal amp will do a job fine. My amp can support 70Hz to 250Hz subwoofer frequency.

Are you getting bass tube and subwoofer as well?

save up the money for other purposes...

it's a sign IT'S A SIGN!!!

Re: save up the money for other purposes...

yeah yeah... hit you baby one more time?

Re: save up the money for other purposes...

i didn't know you were well versed in her lyrics

Try "Dynasty" at the village.

I just got stuff for my new car. heheh.

iPod, and earphones.. :p

Hey I was actually contemplating Ipod and the wireless transmitter (for the car radio)....

Maybe I should save up, after all. I'm unsure if it's a worthy investment to upgrade the audio system.

I have tried using the wireless connection with my Ipod in the car. I personally thinks its a hassel with the power cable etc. Prefer just to use MP3 Cds. Also the volume level of the Ipod is poor unless you have an amp and the poor FM connection really makes for unsatisfactory listening experience with hiss and low fidelity.

Hey thanks for the useful advice.
Might just stick to the plain ol' audio system. The spare bucks might come in handy for a rainy day...

Ermmm.. u know you can check out with people in the CAR forums first. There are a few and I think if you are in you ppcug you may even have friend there. And I am sure you can find many ah-beng subaru car owners in some subaru forums also.

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