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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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How to write an online journal/blog

Over lunch, I was talking to hotdoggie and temanbaik about our ljing experiences. The topic broached on the fact that while some prefer to keep their entries completely private and out of the prying eyes of others, others face no self-limiting restrictions in the sharing of their inner-thoughts and perspectives.

Nevertheless, the three of us agreed that livejournaling should be first and foremost, an internal-to-external process. When I write, I write for myself, to share my views and feelings and whatever that goes through inside me, bearing in mind the kind of scrutiny that I am subjecting myself to. I've seen Ljers who sucuumbed to the stress of being judged and hence rendered their ljs friends-only. On the other end of the spectrum I can also see Ljers whose journals become vessels in seeking response and comments from the viewers. While there is obviously no right or wrong in how online journals should be written, it is interesting to observe the myriad of writing styles.

I've been thinking like how I was thinking last week and last year, about finding a balance in the grander scheme of things. It's the usual mental block.

Called home a few nights ago and spoke to Brenden. He skipped school last friday and got everyone in the family worried. I eventually managed to get him at night, and gently confronted him on his misaction. He apologised on his behaviour and promised not to do it again. This is not the first time that he has broken his promise. More importantly, he shared something really personal to me; he revealed to me why he has been avoiding me for the past few weekends. Ever since his mathematics teacher called me up to apprise me of Bren's lack of interest in mathematics (as well as the bad company he's been hanging out with) he has been finding trouble facing me physically. Perhaps my approval of his actions, his very existence mattered to him more than what I thought. I knew not what to say, at that point in time, but I think I know now. I do not need a genius for a younger brother; I just want him to be a good person. I'm prepared to let him stop school, but I fear that he does not know what he does not know, and like my sis he will eventually regret his lack of foresight. Guess I need to go easy on him and nuture him with the necessary attention and patience.

It's not easy being a good big brother, but his future lies in my hands, or at least I choose to see it this way. Let's hope the best is yet to be after all.

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Hmmm. Seems like you're a pretty big influence on your brother. I'm sure he'll listen if you tell him that it's important to have an education, especially in this day and age. It'd be a shame to throw it all away over a moment's folly.

Actually I've spoken to him many many times.
I guess teenagers have many issues to confront, and usually the short-term gains are the most pressing ones...

actually, i beg to differ.

i think we're entering an economy where experience and being good at what you do counts a lot more than just having an education. actually, make that a *formal* education. we are starting to see more and more university grads finding it hard to eke out a living with the kind of standard commensurate with their expectations, yet we see many job openings at the other end of the scale in the service industries. sad to say, the days where you are guaranteed a comfortable living if you work hard at school are gone.

was surfing someone's LJ the other day, and this phenomenon can't be illustrated more clearly than this entry of his.

BUT! this is not to say that brendan should give up school lah... just that we need to rethink, why is it important for children to be schooled. cos if it is purely for economic reasons, that argument is no longer valid IMHO.

Re: actually, i beg to differ.

methinks it's still a safety net for a good ground for a good future.
oh well...

I have the same problem too. Being the eldest myself, I also have a sis that is not performing well in school. If given a choice, I think she will choose to stop school but I insisted that she pull up her sock and get a proper education. I'm not good in words and I guess I showed my concern by scolding and nagging. I feel that she is still young to make a good judgment and I don’t want her to regret too.

As an elder brother to your siblings we often get protective over them that’s because we care.


Nevertheless, I always try not to be the typical "naggy" mother or father.
I try my best to avoid raising my voice, unless really necessary. Instead, I try to be a friend, though it is a difficult task balancing between the father-brother-good friend role-play.

yep.... the best is yet to be....* Thumps Wilder's back *

If his future lies in your hands...

i tend to record happenings, thoughts, sharing. Some aspects can have no limit. Some aspects i dont even wanna touch about, let alone with anyone. I confide in the group who had been staying over years. I do not confide in those just befriended in friend's list. To me, friends-only = other ppl's public. i am blunt. Basically i think i am suitable to make friends with those who are basically noisy, bitchy, biased, subjective and "omg!" type of person. Because i am a subjective person. I made a lot of mistakes. That's why i can only keep a whatever-ship with the kind of person who are relative more kind (sound to me), more forgiving to many things, less biased to things, and more understanding...or else two probably clashes. 萬試萬靈. I tend to reply every comment. I think it's a way of communication. But that is just me and how the comments are like.

i mean those who are NOT noisy....

True. There is no right or wrong style of writing, but some styles simply invite criticisms. I guess what is most important is that the posts can reflect the thoughts of the author.

Comments wise, well, I deduce that there are some LJ-ers who are simply more popular.

BTW, happy 3rd anniversary.


*pretends to look around*

You should let him shape his own future, and hold his own destiny.

Look what happen to you? U became a fighter yourself due to your own background. Sometimes, you have to allow some things to go through it's course.

Anyway, it's your brother :D but as a friend that's what I want to say.

I can align myself to your point of view.
Nevertheless, it scares to know that that one extra action of yours could have the power to change someone else's life.

It's somewhat like the movie "Pay it forward"... one never knows the impact one could have on another...

Re: What I think......

Also more popularly known as the Butterfly Effect. When a butterfly effect flaps its wings in some part of the world, the little wisp of air it raises ripples and causes a typhoon in a distant part of the world.

Amazing what little power we credit our own doings just because we don't see a tangible effect in front of us, in three seconds flat.

I see a parent in you, may i offer this as encouragement?

"Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6


I guess I can only show the appropriate way, and it is ultimately his decision on the path he chooses to take...


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