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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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pass it on

the greatest fear is fear of fear itself.

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light up the candles

to live a life full of uncertainties, the greatest fear is fear to live life at all

Re: light up the candles

Yet we live.
As what I wrote in one of my poems (in 1999):
"the spirit in maternal womb
seek entry to the world
an irony, reasons the trial
the death sentence unfurled "

Yet, no matter what destiny we're born into (we should be happy that we're born as singaporeans!) the journey continues. No one knows the ultimate destination. I personally choose to believe that I create and control my own future, internally at least. No one shall deprive me of my inner bliss.


wah so deep. you made me think man. Haha.

I felt that the greatest fear is to be aware of the things happening around our life...i rather be ignorant about life and stay happy as a simple minded person then to know too much things..:P

Ignorant the root of suffering

If you choose to ignore and choose avoidance, it doesn't mean the problem is solve. Ignorance will only bring u suffering as you lack the knowledge and wisdom to solve your problems.

Re: Ignorant the root of suffering

I always believe that confrontation should be the key.
But alas, the key lies with sensible confrontations, not confrontations arising out of pride and salvaged dignity.

I fear my jigsaw pieces will be found and assembled together.

then i am afraid of falling

I realised that in the past, I let fear took over me and influenced my decision.

I have less of that now. So I can say I conquer some of the fear.

i fear coming out of the shower at the gym and discovering...


I thought you used mousse...

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