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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Early Dinner

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that french loaf looks phallic...

(quick, start a little rhyme)

that french loaf looks phallic
i'm sure it's not metallic
the meal sure looks nice
did you add lotsa spice
hey i'm writing this in italics!

Cowie is a relic....

No but really, I was actually wondering what that phallic thing was.. until cowie said that it was a french loaf. Hmm.

gosh, how can I be excluded from literary compositions???

That french loaf looks phallic
And it isn't even half symbolic
One goes in the mouth
The other goes down south
Misuse would be catastrophic

is it me or is everything presented.. errr... meant for someone who can afford it?

kodomo chan

Everything under eight bucks. la la la....

hmmmm nowadays guys can cook better than girls
and tops can cook better than bttms

tops cook better than bottoms?
are you referring to the style of cooking?

no.... it's a trend i see in so many relationships.

Eheheh... New icon ah :P

hey, where do all of you guys get all these icons??? I want one too!

I see buzz_cut, echester, e_rambler and even yourself, all have these cute icons!

eh that's absolute crap. some girls can still cook quite well hor.

are u saying you can cook better?? lolz.

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