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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Never blogging in vain.

Blogging in the wee hours in the morning, me decided to drop by at a few blogs, upsaids and livejournals. There're always unexpected discoveries to be made; the feeling is somewhat similar to prying open the diary of a stranger, and reading the penned-down fusion of delicate emotions captured within. Suddenly I'm overwhelmed by the immaculate inner-thoughts that I have never expected myself to know. Epiphany is probably too strong a word to use; perhaps awakening is more apt? Then again, maybe not.

The human mind is so diverse and unfathomable. Sometimes saying too much causes too much of a complication. Sometimes leaving things unsaid causes too much of a complication as well. There is no right or wrong as there are too many variables at work; when there are several billiard balls on the table in motion at a certain point, no one knows which one goes into the hole, if any. No one knows.

This is aggravated by the fact that words are actually incompetent as a platform to describe feelings. "Love" is a overly used term. Violated. What does "love" mean nowadays? Perhaps, the best mode of communication is in the form of the feeling itself, portrayed by the feeler. After all, it is the eyes that tell the intent, the breaking of a smile that exudes the warmth, the hesitant touch that reaffirms the desire.

And a hug; a firm hug that transfuses all the emotions from one body to another. That is sacred.

And words do get in the way.

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Nothing melts your heart more than hearing the 3 words "i love you"

*plays "We don't have to say the words .."*


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