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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Hey Baby Shaun

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congrats on your first-born...

hahaha... he does looks like a junior version of into_the_wild

maybe can have a username for him from_the_wild

i suppose you can call the process, sowing the wild oats... corny (<-- notice the double pun) eh?


Whoa so smart.

*rolls eyes*

Yr godson so big liao!

It's scary how fast kids can grow.
Soon he'd be taller than me.

quote "SOOOOch CUTE ah!!!"
(your kid ah?)

That's nice!
I'm sure he'll turn out fine.
Keep a good eye on him,

oh my gawd. he has your eyes!!!!


(Deleted comment)
My eyes?
S3asid3 might know, but who's this Vincero? Hubber?

it's winson here lah *kok your head*


really really cute baby... I thought it was a baby pic of u... quite alike :)

the similarities are quite striking. I think the eyes and even other features resemble... :P

The chore of being popular...

.. and I don't have a pic of myself in my lj.

must have gotten the wrong person. it happens.


heh ... next time put a baby girl photo and everyone will also say look like you one.... heh heh

Wow... what beautiful eyes he got.... look alittle like you hor??? :)

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