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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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A derogatory term, or a vanishing act?

Time freezes...

As I always advocate, follow your heart. Perhaps the logical you has been using your head too much.

*attempts to hammer head*
*head cracks*


*sinuous egg oozes out*

"Omelette for lunch, anyone?"

this is the sound of your brain cracking

sinuous egg? not sautéed cerebrum a la hannibal?

Re: this is the sound of your brain cracking

that's a little too... erm....

Me! Is there a queue eh?

*dishes out number*

Nay. Just joking.

Eeee ... got bird flu or not? *grinz*

(1) poof or pouf n

U.K. an offensive term that deliberately insults a man for being homosexual or behaving in a way considered more characteristic of or suitable for a woman (slang insult)

(2) poof interj (informal)
1. used to indicate that something happens suddenly
2. used to express disdain for or dismissal of something

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

copy cat!

mr cooper

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