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Will Will's Will Will???
I cannot help but feel the gradual process of taking the step back.
Stacie Orrico's singing on the radio as I parked my car home.

There's gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me.
Cuz the more that I'm trippin' up thinking there must be more to life.
Well it's life, but I'm sure. There's gotta be more... than wanting more.

For thursday:

  • My eyes were bloodshot again. Scary-looking.

  • I almost feel asleep while driving (again!)

  • I ate Spicy Prawn Floss Dumplings for dinner. No more food beyond eight.

  • I watched American Idol. And I was reminded by William Hung. And his 'fansite'.

  • I checked my LJ, as I always do. This is becoming insatiable. Virtual Addiction. Eek!

  • I was confused by darkseed73's entry. Is he leaving Singapore for good?

  • I realised the last time I gymmed was on monday.

  • I'm expecting to work late saturday; hence no windsurfing. The bill from PA Seasports flutters.

As I move my cursor to "Post Entry" I am confronted by a sense of senselessness. Okay, this is a double entendre. As the world tick tocks away and things are happening every minute, I wonder if the last minute spent was any different from this minute that I'm penning all these down. And thereafter. As much as I recognise the eventual state of nothingness, there is still a road to walk. There are still crossroads where decisions have to be made. And fellow travellers that I encounter along the way. There's more to life than the temporary high. But don't we all like temporary highs?

But I agree, there's gotta be more... than just wanting more.
Will's Will Will Will

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