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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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::confusingly personal::

It was once after glancing through my past few entries that I realised that I've been limiting myself to entries consisting of a few phrases.
Maybe I deem myself too verbose.

Like the debate about the journey and the destination. While the journey itself is the crux of the meaning of life (?), there still exists the need for a destination for the journey (lest we go round in circles?).
When one's too tired of fighting with the raging torrents, he might just rest a little, and learn to enjoy the adrenalin of the white waters.

I dunno. To stop thinking, is to deny one's luster. The answer, is to embrace it all?
To not to know is knowing itself, for I have to know that I do not know to make me know. And in that, I will learn to understand that I know that I do not know. And since I do not know, I shall be content with transient limbo.

Will that equate to "not thinking too much?".
Not thinking too much is not equal to Knowing one does not know.


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"to enjoy the adrenalin of the white waters"


To know or not to know is a choice we seek....
A clear conscience is still the best....
Despite the choices we make....

i feel tt "youthink" too much

we read to know that we are not alone; we write to know ourselves.

oh well.

we write to know ourselves.

The answer is, of course, "42."

(Adams, Douglas. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Ballantine Books; Mass Paperback Reissue edition, 1995)

Seriously,crackpots across the entire spectrum of human thought (that is, philosophers, novelists, religious leaders, etc.) have attempted to answer the question about the meaning of life.

At the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself what that is. Everyone else can only offer you their opinion. You might even have to create your own meaning. Nothing like a little DIY action to spice up your life.

Here's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek site: http://www.aristotle.net/~diogenes/meaning1.htm

Something a bit more comprehensive? http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meaning_of_life

As for me? Well, I'm still figuring it out. I recently told a mentor that four years into my working life, I've run into the limitations of my (largely) engineering-focused education. It's time to invite Nietzsche, Aristotle & Tolstoy into my world. I'm looking for a "Philosophy for Dummies" book - know anything good?

In the meantime, I'll settle for humour - Monthy Python & The Meaning of Life. Will have to have a screening sometime.

try sophie's world - jostein gaarder. philosophy thru the eyes of a little girl. can lend u if u want.

it's funny how things turn out.
when you have like millions of thoughts in your mind, and decides to pen them down, it's cease at point 3.

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