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It was once after glancing through my past few entries that I realised that I've been limiting myself to entries consisting of a few phrases.
Maybe I deem myself too verbose.

Like the debate about the journey and the destination. While the journey itself is the crux of the meaning of life (?), there still exists the need for a destination for the journey (lest we go round in circles?).
When one's too tired of fighting with the raging torrents, he might just rest a little, and learn to enjoy the adrenalin of the white waters.

I dunno. To stop thinking, is to deny one's luster. The answer, is to embrace it all?
To not to know is knowing itself, for I have to know that I do not know to make me know. And in that, I will learn to understand that I know that I do not know. And since I do not know, I shall be content with transient limbo.

Will that equate to "not thinking too much?".
Not thinking too much is not equal to Knowing one does not know.


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