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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Wasted Time

Spent the entire weekend troubleshooting my XDA II. For some strange reason it stopped syncing with my PC's Outlook 2003, and eventually cease to connect at all. Suspecting a myriad of reasons, I checked the online FAQs and did the following:

1. Restarted Windows
2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Activesync 3.7.1, then 3.7, then 3.6 then 3.5
3. Removed all recently-installed programs
4. Tweaked registry to remove some of the initializations
5. Hard-resetted the PDA. Ouch!
6. Uninstalled USB drivers (to isolate problem)
7. Trying activesync on another laptop, then yet another desktop (had to install activesync on both)
8. Toyed around with Activesync's configuration for both PDA and desktop.

All these took me many hours and ruined whatever good feelings I could possibly contain. Eventually gave up and brought it to Accord during lunch. I was truly appalled when they spent half an hour trying to remedy it and eventually told me to collect my device two days later. Where am I going to find a replacement phone?

I think there is a need to set up a phone rental service.
Tsk tsk.

*takes a deep breath*

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having a new business idea? :) start up a multi-million phone rental business :P

you should have done a detect and repair for outlook 2003 (click on help > detect and repair). MS Office 2003 will repair itself and then can sync liao!!

i have the p800 and it stopped syncing with outlook one fine day. i tried this out and it worked!!! :P

Nope it's unrelated to activesync. Tried on other computers but faced same problem.... leh.

the day when coffee makers can vacuum floors as well is the day we say "whoa! stop converging!"

Haha I got spare phone if you want you can pop by and pick it up.

Thanks for the offer; got a spare phone from a colleague. =)

Well that just proves that your phone-rental business just might not be able to take off! :)

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