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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Soy Latte

I'm drinking a Soy latte
I get a double shot
It goes right through my body
And you know
I'm satisfied.

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Heh. A humorous start to a new year.
It's also a Double Entendre to my outlook but a little too sublime, methinks.

we never met,
we never chat.
But Happy New Year n Smile :)

heh maybe "youthinks" to much :P

Hey that's my trademark, methinks.


yes, and good for recovering from late nights too ;) your kakak

Go get a LJ!

*sticks tongue out*

Closet Madonna fan ... :P

Poof, what's so closeted about that?

*rolls eyes*

wats that? nice or not? does it taste like soya bean drink?

hmm.. i like the word 'double entredre'
do u know how to pronounce it? ;)

double entendre... it's french.

nice meeting u last night..:)

way to go! don support the diary industry ... they are all in cahoots with the meat and agrochem industry ... go soy, good boy!

But I like writing journals!

*feigns foolishness*

*types slowly* d-a-i-r-y ... you know, even spellcheck could not have saved me from that one

read your latest post but i still like this post better

nothing beats the subtleness of this post. I enjoy reading such posts and I think I need to refine my style of writing too. Though many readers would be perplexed by the complexity of it all. But at times, contrary to a fellow LJer, my journal has lost its privacy, so sometimes we just have to go along with the flow, rather than pen our innermost thoughts in elementary English.

Hope I didn't amplify any confusion.

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