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Do you floss your teeth?

I have been using that Braun Electric Toothbrush since I was 21, and have just recently upgraded to the blue one which is better known as Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000 series.

Nevertheless, some effort is put into proper flossing, at least twice a week. (or what it seems to me).
I cannot tolerate bits of particles sticking between my teeth, and that supposedly powerful 7000 series always fail to remove the most prominent bits. Hence the floss, and the Traveler Pick (that I stumbled upon in Cold Storage). Like what was written in those primary school tumblers: Clean Teeth, Never Decay. A little more effort a day will keep the teeth white and shiny. No bad breath.

Less, if not nil smoking will definitely help.

But honestly speaking, I wonder how many Singaporeans actually floss.

Wonder wonder.

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