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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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东风破 :: 周杰伦

一盏离愁 孤单伫立在窗口
我在门后 假装你人还没走
旧地如重游 月圆更寂寞
夜半清醒的烛火 不忍苛责我

*一壶漂泊 浪迹天涯难入喉
 你走之后 酒暖回忆思念瘦
 水向东流 时间怎么偷
 花开就一次成熟 我却错过

#谁在用琵琶弹奏 一曲东风破
 岁月在墙上剥落 看见小时候
 而如今琴声幽幽 我的等候你没听过

△谁再用琵琶弹奏 一曲东风破
 枫叶将故事染色 结局我看透

 荒烟漫草的年头 就连分手都很沉默

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This is the 3rd 107 post already.

3rd consecutive post made at


Wow how did you realised that?

I'm impressed.

*in awe*

becos while everyone else post appearing in my friends page are marked as 25th, your 3rd post very awdwardly cos a new "header" of 24th (ie. all posts are under the same header if they are of the same day), which let me noticed of the datetime of your 3rd post. Then simply find all 3 post are marked the same date (and time)

that's it.

the break of the western wind?

Re: ...... Jay Chou

or eastern wind? :p

wahahah.....reverse metaphor :P

My friend sang that song at ktv and I fell in love with the song. =)
I don't usually hear chinese songs. =)
Really nice.
Cheers to a new year!
And christmas filled with joy.

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