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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Ode to my digicam

After my trust old FujiFinepix (a gift from Akio) of 3 years broke down, I chose to believe that I could rely on the 640x480 resolution of my XDAII.
But after a while, the grainy pictures fail to impress, and I'm now deliberating if the opportunity cost of captured memories is worth three-quarters of a grand. I call this investment in the future. Nevertheless, would it be money well worth spending?

Beats me.

Decisions, decisions.

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Would repair of ur Fujifinepix cost 3/4 grand?

Erm, I've repaired it once for $300.
Doubt I would want to repair a <2 megapixel camera that is three years old. You know how cheap technology becomes eh?

I always think a good digicam is a sound investment. Nothing beats having a cam to capture all the memories in your youth.

Time waits for no one, before you know it, you've lost all the memories. Having some pics would definitely help you recall all those wonderful times. If you're just thinking of putting it online, perhaps 640x480 will do, but I still think getting a digicam is worth it.

If I had the $$, I would get one myself rather than use my dad's.

I concur.
It's the opportunity cost that matters the most. Similarly for any other techie device. It is only worth if we make the effort to use it. I know many peers who invest lots in PDAs and Digicams but end up using PDAs for Bejeweled and Digicams for holiday and wedding shots. Memories should be at least a weekly experience, if not daily.

Oh well.


Then why are you still considering? Get one then!

I'm thinking of getting a small one that fits into the pocket so that it's easy to carry, however the specs must still be good. any recommendations?

Donations anyone?

*stretches hands out*

$0.01. You accept?

No lah, maybe a bit mean... I'll donate a dollar

Get a new digicam!

If I gotta buy one now, it would be a Pentax Optio, 5mp model. Read the review that its good. But this will set me back by $1k. Anyway happy with my Casio QVR4 (not available now).

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